it´s a free world

digital baryt print, 240 x 110cm, 54 images, Hahnemuehle Photorag, taken with Sony Ericsson K320i, 2011-

The title it´s a free world questions the big promise of the western world that has shaped our thinking, acting and ambition over the last decades. Consumption, growth, property and mostly stability were meant to be the key elements for a life in freedom following the western prototype.


For quite some time it has become evident, that this promise has not convertetd itself into reality and surley will not do so either anymore in the future.


The feeling of certainty, security and confidence has lost ground to a growing state of confusion, des pair and depression, fired by real or medially hyped catatrophies and news of desaster; going along closely with growing distrust in that overbrought western/capitalistic modell of society that we live in.


it´s a free world generates a net of visual reciprocities between the appraised fundaments of our society of consumption and growth and the undeniable cracks in the fassade of this house.

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