I can see clearly now

Full HD one channel video, 10:39, 2014

„I can see clearly now“ was developed and shot in spring 2014 dealing with the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 and medial phenomena going alongside with the disaster.
Relatively shortly after the last signal was received from the aircraft, theories and guessings about the whereabouts of MH370 hit the roof.


To be sure a mechanical failure causing the crash of the plane was among the theories. But especially in the early weeks after the disappearance the field of theses was dominated by hijacking scenarious, interventions by aliens of course or the extended suicide version.
In these early stages of trying to find answeres (not to mention the plane itself), the Pentagon launched the possibility of a terrorist hijacking, explaining the complete lack of traces with the theory that the plane may be hidden on a secret airforce base in Pakistan in some camouflaged hangar or bunker.
This bold as well as politically opportune thesis forms the base for the images shot for „I can see clearly now“.


The video was filmed on an abandonded airforce base of the red army somewhere in Brandenburg. Steady shots alternate with slow pans showing tree formations, brushwood, thicket and now and then glimpses of concrete structures, entrances or fragments of walls, hinting at the hidden military infrastructure.
For the audio track oft he film fragments of videomessages by so called psychics were used, who, with their insights, visions and intuitions adress themselves directly at the relatives and search teams.
The often absurd, clouded and priggish statements oft he psychics have been fragmented and the chosen pieces rearranged in a way that a fictive conversation seems to evolve through the course oft he video.
The result is an absurd media theater which, by the means of layering and dubbing the things said, reveals and deconstructs itself until it implodes in a jumble of empty words.

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